The Chocolate Princess in the Land of Plenty is a classically-styled, contemporary fairytale for readers of all ages.

The story’s heroine is an African princess who, at the age of seven, is stolen from her royal family in the Kingdom of Zamfara. The princess is cruelly snatched by a witch flying on a worn out broomstick on the very day that she is to receive her name! The king had placed a symbolic locket bearing her name around the princess’ neck before she is kidnapped. Our Little Princess endures a long and horrifying journey that ends in the magical Land of Plenty, where sweet things grow naturally. That’s when she discovers that she has lost the locket bearing her name.

Our princess encounters many different imaginative creatures in the strange, new world. Book-cover-backIndigenous chocolate characters called the chocolate doopies “adopt” the princess as their own “Chocolate Princess.” The Chocolate Princess makes a powerful impact on everyone in the LOP as she teaches them valuable lessons about friendship, cooperation and self-confidence.

Will the little princess find her locket and discover her real name? Will the princess ever return home to her family in Zamfara? Find out in the intriguing tale of The Chocolate Princess in the Land of Plenty.

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